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Nutrition, Insects, and Diseases:

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

A good pest and nutritional program enhances the beauty and health of all landscape plants. Nutritional deficiencies can appear as yellowing, or off color leaves of palm fronds. Stunting can also occur as a result of insufficient nutrition. Insects can damage plants by chewing on the leaves leaving a notching effect. Other insects pierce the leaf sucking the chlorophyll from the plant causing yellowing, blooms to drop, and leaves to shrivel.

There are a wide variety of fungal pathogens present in the soil. When conditions exist for development, the fungal spores will grow and cause damage to turf and ornamental plants. Some fungi are more suited for cooler weather while others flourish during warmer months. Over watering is usually the key ingredient that aides in their development. Fungicides are applied to control the growth of spores reducing damage and allowing the turf or plant to return to normal appearance. Multiple applications may be required.

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