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New Fertilizers and Pesticides

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

New technology and research is bringing better, safer products to the industry giving you the consumer results while helping to protect the environment. Specifically, there are new pest control products that are derived from botanicals and other organics.

We are committed to Green

Pesticides and Fertilizers are necessary for the care and protection of our homes and landscape as well as our health. Household pests can carry many diseases that affect the health of humans and our pets. Insects and diseases can also severely damage and ruin our landscapes.

The new generation of products is proving more effective than those in previous years. These also target specific insecticides available which allow us to treat damaging insects without affecting the beneficial insects also present in the treated environment. Granular Fertilizing of turf and ornamental plants has been the standard for the industry for years. Liquid fertilizers were also employed but did not give as good of results as granular and did not last as long.

New research has determined that over 60% of granular fertilizer is lost due to plant up take ability usually due to soil conditions. Too much of the granular fertilizer is ending up in our aquifers and bays due to run off. Heavy rains during the wetter months allows this run off to enter storm drains and thus into other water supplies. Excessive Nitrates and Phosphates create algae blooms in these sources and has a negative impact environmentally. Many counties in the state of Florida, restrict the use of granular fertilizer and justifiably so. It is a matter of time before these restrictions are state wide. But then what? How do we feed and keep a healthy and beautiful landscape?

New technology has given us the answer. Nutrients in fertilizer are graded, from lowest to highest as industrial, technical, food grade and pharmaceutical grade materials. Granular fertilizers contain mainly industrial grade raw materials. New and available liquid fertilizers are formulated with technical, food grade and pharmaceutical grade materials. That is purity of 96 to 99.5% purity respectively. These products are applied in liquid form with small amounts of water and absorbed rapidly by the tissue of the plant usually within one hour after treatment. This leaves nothing to enter our water systems and gives us almost 100% of the delivered nutrients to the plant or turf for use. Our results are showing that the new liquid formulations are delivering the same longevity as granular without the negative impact.

We are committed to “Green” and will continue updating our treatment protocols as “green” technologies develop.

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